[GRA02] Serra de São Francisco hiking trail

43 Stops
Duration: 03:30:00
Distance: 12000

Trail Details

This trail takes us along a mountain crest, covering the Louro and São Francisco mountains.

Here we have the true perception of the morphology of this territory, which extends towards the mother mountain - Arrábida.

Following the landscape, at north we can see beyond the Tagus River, at south to beyond the mountains.

It was this geographical domain that led the Neolithic peoples to settle in the adjacent fertile valleys.

This human occupation has continued since then, almost uninterruptedly, to the present day.

In this route we have a detailed view, not only of the landscape, but of the history, in particular through the archaeological remains, perhaps the best preserved and relevant, of the prehistory of this vast region.

A slightly rugged trail that connects Palmela to Vila Fresca de Azeitão, recommended for those who like history and landscape.

This route belongs to the Arrábida’s Great Archaeological Route.

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We wish you a great hike.

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