[PAL03] Hills Around the Castle hiking trail

49 Stops
Duration: 03:30:00
Distance: 12000  Loop

Trail Details

This route takes you on a journey through the hills around Palmela, where the old farms mark the history and the landscape.

The return is made along the crest of the iconic Serra do Louro, with special emphasis on human occupation in this region.

The landscape dazzles us, with the magnificent Vale dos Barris and surrounding mountains, to the north the view reaches beyond the Tagus River.

On this route we will visit some archaeological remains, such as Alto da Queimada - a village from the Arab period, and Castro de Chibanes - the best preserved ruins of the Chalcolithic.

We will pass through a medieval road, and we will highlight aspects, not only of history, but also of the natural and cultural values associated with the region.

We recommend this route to all those interested in historical and cultural aspects, being one of the most emblematic trails in Palmela.

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We wish you a great hike.

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