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You are starting Fojo trail, a circular route through the lands of Risco, where you will not be unaware of the stunning landscape.

This is a short path, but it will give you an excellent overview of the essentials of the entire Natural Park.

This is a very complete trail, either for the richness of the flora, or for the geological or archaeological aspects.

In terms of flora, reference will be made to the most emblematic species in the Natural Park.

In geology, you will know a unique and unusual rock.

In archeology, a mandatory stop at the ruins of Ro├ža do Casal do Meio, a funerary monument of the Final Bronze and a European reference in archeology.

Check your position on the map and start this journey.

Do not forget that you will not have any alerts if you leave the trail. Therefore, check your position regularly throughout the route.

We wish you a great tour!