São Filipe's Fort

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São Filipe's Fort

Ready for a bit of history?

Did you know that the Spanish have ruled the Portuguese territory?

The construction of the fortress of São Filipe began in 1582, in the Philippine period or dynasty of the Philippes.

This Spanish royal dynasty reigned in Portugal during the period of union between the two countries, in which the King of Spain was simultaneously the King of Portugal.

The three kings of the Philippine dynasty, belonging to the House of Habsburg, ruled in Portugal between 1580 and 1 December 1640.

The São Filipe fortress is the result of the fortification of the coastline that protects Setúbal and the Sado River.

Built in an irregular polygonal plant, in a six-pointed star, sits in a steep slope over the sea, being protected on the north side by a second walled line.

The construction of this modern Fortaleza, at that time, appears as a clear mark of power from King Filipe, in a territory recently incorporated in the Spanish crown.

A violent fire in 1868 destroyed almost all the interior structures, which originally included the “Casa do Governador” and other military buildings.

The space was then substantially transformed, in order to install one of the Pousadas de Portugal’s hotel.