[PAL02] Serra do Louro - Archaeological Palmela

50 Stops
Duration: 02:30:00
Distance: 11400  Loop


This route leads you to a journey through the origins of Palmela, along the crest of Serra do Louro, with special emphasis on human occupation in this region.

A stunning landscape, with the magnificent Vale dos Barris and surrounding mountains to the south, in the north, overlooking the Tagus River and beyond.

On this trail you will visit a Neolithic funerary monument - the Caves of Quinta do Anjo, Castro de Chibanes - the best-preserved ruins of the Chalcolithic, and Alto da Queimada - a village from the Arab period.

We will also highlight other aspects, not only of history, but also of the natural and cultural values ‚Äč‚Äčassociated with the region.

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