Palmela's Library

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Palmela's Library

Largo S. João Baptista

Take the street right in front of the Library

Here, where you find yourself, is Largo de São João Baptista. It is surrounded by some of the most emblematic buildings in Palmela, such as the Chapel of S. João Baptista - Temple of the Order of Malta, the municipal library, the Theater and the Casa Mãe Rota dos Vinhos.

An old settlement was already established here during the Neolithic period.

It is to this square that we suggest that you return at the end of the tour, with the well-deserved rest on the terrace of Casa Mãe Rota dos Vinhos, which is right in front of the Theater, to have a refreshing drink and taste some of the regional products.

For now, here next to the Library, you have a beautiful view over the Serra do Louro, marked by its characteristic windmills, that you will follow on your journey.

The beginning is next to the garden, right in front of the Library.